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Lagos Lawyer and Linda Ikeji in Court Over Alleged Offensive Picture

A Lagos-based lawyer, Olumide Babalola has swept up the popular celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji before the Lagos High Court for offensive and unauthorized use of graphic.

In Suit No. LD/3265MFHR/2016 before Hon. Justice O.H. Oshodi, the attorney is asking the blogger to pay him the sum of N50,000,000 (Fifty million naira) for the unauthorized use of his image on her site for crime-related narratives which he asserted had subjected him to mental and emotional torture in breach of his constitutional right to dignity of human person and freedom from degrading treatment.

Pending the hearing of the main suit, Justice Oshodi allowed an injunction restraining Ikeji from additional use of the picture of the attorney.

It was also faithfully gathered the attorney who just returned from US where he was presented with the award for excellence and quality in operation in acknowledgement of his changing public interest litigations had before written to desist from further publication but the blogger called his bluff.

The issue has been adjourned for hearing to September 2016.

How Linda Ikeji makes her money?

What businesses does Linda Ikeji collaborate with? How much cash does she earn from this action? Read the article and you’ll learn all secrets about the most famous blogger in Nigeria.

Many Nigerians treat the gains of Linda with big suspicion. Recently she's purchased a house that was large and it's caused a tide of negative responses.

Nevertheless, folks don't know that Linda gets her money only thanks to the website. Some envious individuals began to promise that she takes cash from other sources, after the girl has taken place in the list Forbes.

One most spread rumor is the fact that compensation has been received by Ikeji from the politician at a rate of millions that are N500. This story is a gossip that is simple, but Nigerians often need the reason to doubt quite initial success.

Truly, despite high class purchases like bags and footwear for one thousand dollars, Linda's intentions are not dishonest. She doesn't seek to cause envy.

The blogger attempts to help young Nigerian women to make a new manner. Usually they rely on men. Yet, enterprise success of a company grasp and Linda show that there's an effective option to old customs.

Let us find out Linda Ikeji make her cash:

According to some information, her co-workers and Linda bring in about $50,000 monthly thanks to cooperation with Google

The blogger gets one million N in a month by means of 700 thousand marketing banners. They appear on the official site of Linda, especially when you are enrolled. According to some advice, the banner ad of Jumia, whose, has paid Linda N12 millions.

Occasionally other advertisers additionally choose sites for placement of banners, and Linda shares the place for two businesses. So Linda does minimal N18 millions merely for that.

Linda earns between 500k and 700k in a month thanks to side banners, and she's at least 6 – 8 advertisers who at any moment are bringing her the income in size of N3 million.

The blogger also earns 50,000 for sponsored email , and according to some tips she does about 5 – 10 of them day-to-day that brings in her possible income N500k. For example, recently Martel was sponsored by her.

If you should be contained into the site on tablet of Linda Ikeji, you are going to find an announcement of MTN. Therefore, potentially Linda does N16 million monthly due to it.

Consequently, with Google Linda can receive in the form of alliance and statements on set of these means of gains just. After calculations, you will realize that it makes almost one billion or about N 840 million a year.

Who's Linda Ikeji boyfriend

Who is Linda Ikeji biyfriend? Does she have a guy? Why is this advice is secret? You are going to find all the answers here!

Practically every Nigerian knows who Linda Ikeji is. Her website has become exceptionally famous just a few years past. And now she is the most affluent blogger in Nigeria. It’s no wonder that individuals want to know about her private life asking ‘who is Linda Ikeji ‘ or boyfriend’ is she wed’.

Regrettably, Linda’s private life is just not successful and as smart as her great career is. A couple years ago she told she was single. Linda said she was seeking a respectable, truthful and supporting guy, who does let her do what she liked to.

Linda said she wouldn't go on a date with a younger guy but she could easily marry a guy who earned less. And then suddenly she was spotted with a man considerably older than her. It was Dan Foster. He is a Black American radio celeb. He came to live and work in Nigeria.

The devotees were disappointed and depressed. They thought their precious star deserves more. There were hundreds of gossips around this couple. Also there were loads of ‘dust’ and haters.

Dan gave a shocking interview opening all the secrets of their relationships. He told that Linda loved him very much. But he took her. He dated two more girls at once. Dan did’t value her feelings much.

He said lots of unexpected and interesting things. He said that Linda was a kid’ that was ‘ that was pleasant. He hopes Linda can locate someone but she must find the right man. Because Ikeji is actually into a business she actually is doing. He said Linda was and is very fair. Dan believed he was enough for her then.

Why me’ – he said I constantly asked her. But Linda was really into him. And Dan could’t believe that. Regrettably, he took her. He thought she could easily find some excellent model-guy on the runway. But Linda was not so frivolous about Dan.

She was in true love with him. But, regrettably, ultimately it did out ’t work. And the motive was - he was dating other girls while he was dating her and he took her. While Linda was in Lagos Dan tried to have relationships in Warri and in Abuja. He said that it was a nightmare.

Dan insures that he does’t desire to go through such position again. He said he had three beautiful women at a time and then he lost them all. Because they all were waiting for his decision. Dan told that one of ladies knew about all the rest ones. That girl could have become the only one. But he hurt her . So the girl even had to leave the country up.

Dan said he felt terrible. But when he went to the local theatre to relax he met with his wife. Now he's married and has children.

Linda’s fanatics ca’t believe that such lady is single. So that they can't quit looking for the latest rumors about her private life. Linda has got used to it.

Lately there were some interesting rumors about Linda’s strategies about wedding. Folks said Linda was going to marry her beloved boyfriend. They said Linda was dating for about a year with him. The newest gossips said that the secret wedding was planned on 2016. And it’s going to happen in some countryside.

The rumors are never denied by Linda. She does’t say she is single or she is dating a man. She keeps a secret.

Nevertheless, a month or two before folks found her on the holiday with one among her best friends. They know each other since her modeling span. Formerly, she said they were just buddies. But something was seen by people in those images of them.

After her challenging relationship and breaking up with Dan, it’s not a surprise that she tries to hide her precious individual. It’s specific that Dan’s interview that is fair hurt her very much. So now it's not impossible that she is scared to hear something in this way from her beloved guy that is new.

In any case, Linda is looking for her true love not making ‘breaking news’ of it. This matter is too private for her. Nevertheless, she likes to talk about other’s private life. It is possible to frequently meet with some rumors about other celebrities in her site. That's why she has loads of haters and enemies among them.

We wish Linda locate her love! And whether these rumors about her friend are true, her fans will be happy about that! Because woman that is successful that is such must not be unsuccessful in everything!

How old is Linda Ikeji?

Who's Linda Ikeji? Why is her website popular? You'll find all the answers here!

Linda Ikeji is typically the most popular blogger in Nigeria. She can be called an actual star. But what would you understand about her life? Who's she? How old is Linda Ikeji blog? How much is Linda Ikeji blog worth?

There were two young Nigerian women: Linda Ikeji and Chibundu Onuzo. Also Linda Ikeji became the biggest Google Search tendency in 2014 in Nigeria. She was the most sought item of Google in her nation. Folks needed to understand: ‘how much is linda ikeji blog worth’, ‘who is linda ikeji boyfriend’, ‘who is linda ikeji husband’ etc. Linda became so popular that BBC station interviewed her for their Focus. It was a great success!

It’s difficult to say because her site is becoming more and more expensive every single day! But it is sure that nowadays she's the best paid blogger in Nigeria. On her blog free ads were placed by Linda in 2008, but now individuals want to pay a fortune to put their advertising on her pages. Linda has more than 1,000,000 of visitors per month and this brings her a great income . Some specialists say her net is worth $10 million.

Her private life just isn't as successful as her career. She is single. Linda says she's trying to find a supporting and respectable guy, who will let her do what she enjoys. Linda says she will never date a younger man but she can marry. There is always a question is linda ikeji’. She's 35. Her lovers ca’t believe that such a delightful woman is single.

Linda was born in Nkwerre, Imo State on the 19th of September 1980. She was a second child in a Catholic family. Linda consistently like composing so when she was 10 she began to express her ability. She completed it and went to school. Subsequently she studied English Language and entered University of Lagos. While she was examining Linda had to help her family. So she found different part-time jobs.

Linda worked as a waitress, writer and model. After graduation in 2004, in 2006 she started composing blog as hobby. In 2000s the internet wasn't very popular in Nigeria. So Linda had to make her posts at an area cybercaf軡 cybercaf矴hat is local. She said she could have 200 visits each day and it made her really happy.

Linda became an incredibly active blogger in 2007. In 2008 she chose her final website called lindaikejisblog. Now she could have about 50,000 visits per day from more than 150 nations around the world. Since then she has become very popular in Nigeria. In August 2012 Forbes presented Lindaikejimobileblog Africa’s 20 Most Dominant Girls.

So that they keep searching ‘who's linda ikeji boyfriend ‘ or ’ who's linda ikeji husband’. But Linda is fine with that. Nonetheless there were some rumors in web that Linda plans a wedding. They say Linda will marry her boyfriend she is dating with from a year ago. According to the newest rumors, the secret wedding is planned in some countryside in 2016.